Brexit LIVE: Lord Frost hits out at Irish government over deal | Politics | News


The former UK Brexit negotiator has claimed that at crucial times over the past five years, Ireland has prioritized protecting Europe’s single market over working with Britain and the EU. North Ireland.

Speaking to right-wing think tank Policy Exchange, he said: ‘He fears being cut off from the single market itself and he recognizes that he must maintain his influence in the EU.

“I hope Ireland feel they got good value from the EU for doing this.

“It doesn’t seem 100% clear to me that this is still the case, and certainly his negotiating capital on this seems almost exhausted.”

He added: “We ourselves should of course continue to try to work constructively with Ireland bilaterally. But I would like to see Ireland act in the same spirit, not upset the balance in Ireland of the North constantly using vague and destabilizing language about the tectonic changes in the North, where they talk about the supposed economy of all of Ireland.”

Lord Frost has said the UK government should trigger Article 16 of the treaty that created the Irish Sea boundary and unilaterally roll back the protocol, which would anger Brussels and risk a trade war.



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