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Jacob Rees-Mogg conceded Britons have yet to see the full benefits of leaving the European Union as he offered an outline of his plans to help ‘stimulate the economy’. The Brexit opportunities minister said some of the benefits were already visible, but more could be done to secure a complete break from the bloc. GB News host Esther McVey asked: ‘Have we reaped the benefits of Brexit?

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Not yet, no. We still have a lot to do.

“We already have some benefits, and we’ve seen that with the rollout of the vaccine, with some minor tax changes.

“We saw it with the timid start of freeports. But we can do a lot more.

“Creditworthiness can also free up tens of billions of pounds a year for investment in the economy.”

He continued: “One of the greatest things we can do to stimulate the economy.

There are other things we can do – we should get rid of all tariffs on goods we don’t produce, which would help people in the cost of living crisis.

“There is the possibility of withdrawing 5% VAT on fuel, which we could not do while we were in the European Union, but it would be a help for every household.

Under EU rules, member states cannot reduce goods and services below the standard rate of 15%.

While in the EU, the UK could have reduced the VAT rate to 5%, as the standard rate in the country is 20%.

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“I’m a big fan of Priti Patel for example. I think her immigration efforts seem to be thwarted by what some people rather crudely call leftist lawyers.

“It’s not a term I would dream of using.

“She did an amazing job but Priti didn’t have the momentum. I think of Nadim Zahawi a lot.

“I think in the short term he’s been in the treasury trying to deal with it.

“But it seemed to me that Liz was much clearer in where she wanted to go and better positioned.

“And he was the only person who could get momentum to win for what I think I can fairly say that the three of us broadly believe in.”


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