Am I eligible for the 2022 energy check?


Reader question: Given the recent rise in energy prices, I wonder if I will be eligible for the French energy check this year, and when will I receive it?

France will start rolling out this year’s energy check to 5.8 million people at the end of this month, to help low-income households manage their energy bills.

The payment is supposed to be used for the expenses of electricity, gas, oil and even firewood, as well as for certain ecological renovation projects. The amount varies according to income and the composition of the household and can vary between €48 and €277.

Generally, the checks are distributed to households that devote more than 10% of their budget to paying their energy bills. A single person living alone will be eligible if their reference taxable income (taxable income) is less than or equal to €10,800 per year.

One person counts as one household unit, a second person adds an additional half unit, and every other person counts as 0.3 units.

You can check if you will be eligible for control on this government simulatorwhich will ask you for your tax number.

If you are eligible for the payment, you don’t have to do anything as long as you have declared your income to the tax authorities in due time and you live in a property subject to council tax, even if you are exempt from it.

If you meet these criteria, you will automatically receive the check by mail.

Energy vouchers cannot be spent on road fuel, but can be redeemed online via the government website to help with energy bills. It can also be sent directly to your suppliers.

You can also request that the amount of your check be automatically deducted from your next electricity or gas bill by completing this online form.

Payments for the energy vouchers should be made by the end of April.

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