Biden and Democrats’ Brexit intrusions are conduct unbecoming of the United States


President Biden’s leadership even has some of his party loyalists wondering if he should be the Democrats’ nominee in 2024. Even if he were presiding competently, there would be places Biden shouldn’t venture. One of these places interferes with UK foreign and domestic policies.

Amid a global economic crisis and conflict with Russia, the Biden administration has not been shy about siding with its most staunch ally. Recently, Biden officials “at different levels of government” warned the UK not to pursue any action to change the Northern Ireland Protocol – the trade deals put in place after the UK voted for it. Brexit in 2016 – regardless that Britain, a sovereign country, must be allowed to pursue a policy that is in its best interest. This is not how friends treat dear friends, and it drew heavy criticism this week from two former US ambassadors to the United Nations, Nikki Haley and John Bolton.

Northern Ireland is a separate province of the United Kingdom, whose government must act to maintain its own cohesion. The Biden administration’s latest misjudgment is its challenge to the duty and resolve of the UK government in this regard, siding instead with bad faith and European Union (EU) intransigence.

Biden, along with some of his fellow Democrats in Congress, are seemingly blind to the reality of the power-sharing breakdown in Stormont that is being created by EU extremism over protocol implementation that is the real threat. for peace and stability.

There is no excuse for being blind to reality. In September, no less than the architect of the Good Friday Agreement, David Trimble, wrote Biden a measured plea, persuasively asking that the president drop his support for the EU position on trade terms, arguing that interference by Biden and his congressional cohorts risks causing civil unrest, damage to Northern Ireland’s economy and political uncertainty. That this most informed advice from someone who best understands the situation in Northern Ireland has gone unheeded is hardly shocking, given the Biden administration’s neglect to coordinate with the UK – our main military partner and closest ally – during the chaotic withdrawal of American troops last August. from Afghanistan.

If the Biden administration were well-intentioned, it would show impartiality. To put this into context, the American public would be rightly furious if a British leader meddled in our sovereign affairs – for example, supporting the secession of Texas or California from the Union, or siding with Canada or the Mexico in case of disagreement with the USMCA. .

In fact, Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed an opinion – and a criticism, at that – on Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on abortion. But, unlike the Biden administration, Johnson, when he disagrees, has not resorted to threatening consequences or conditions.

The Democrats’ intolerable ‘our way or the highway’ approach in prescribing what Britain’s course should be leaves the content of the Biden administration undermining and showing contempt for our ally, even as Britain United demonstrates so clearly that its Brexit publication is ‘Global Britain’, with its leadership on Ukraine and its defense engagement with Sweden and Finland – in stark contrast to the EU wallowing in these matters and others.

Biden’s approach would be bad enough in isolation toward a country of little importance to the United States. But Britain is not that, and what he is doing is not in America’s interest. He sided against the United Kingdom with an Irish nationalism that claimed neutrality but sheltered under the protection of the United Kingdom and NATO. It seems that the EU’s not-so-hidden goal is a united Ireland, the North separated from the UK as punishment for Brexit.

Biden, undeclared, may share this goal. It would make Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s rationale for the administration’s suggestion to field an uninvited and undesirable U.S. envoy to act as an arbitrator downright dishonest, “consistent with our historic role as an arbiter.” in good faith”. Irrespective of the motives, the interference met with appropriate interest answer of British Brexit negotiator David Frost: “It was our country that faced The Troubles. We don’t need to lecture others about the peace process.

One must marvel at the judgment of an American administration to shamefully encroach on the sovereignty of our closest ally when we have crippling problems at home, like unbearable inflation caused by rampant spending.

Moreover, at a time of peril which threatens all the people of Ireland – that is, the Russian-suggested nuclear blast to flood the UK – rather than lecturing the UK on how how he reacts to EU bullying, Biden should instead consider urging Ireland to join NATO.

Lee Cohen, Principal Investigator of the Bow group and the Bruges group, was an adviser on Britain to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States House of Representatives and founded the Congressional United Kingdom Caucus. Follow him on Twitter @LeeLeesco3.


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