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Bin Habib said it was time for the government to deliver on its promise to regain control of Brexit, almost three years after the 2019 election – by taking unilateral action in the national interest. Mr Habib was commenting on the failure to stem the tide of migrants crossing the Channel as well as to resolve ongoing issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol, the controversial mechanism intended to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland which, according to critics, instead resulted in an Irish Sea boundary.

He told “Could someone please advise HM Government that Parliament is sovereign and that they have a significant majority in Parliament?

“Our government acts as if it were a minority government of a vassal state. Whenever he wishes to do something, he goes to one foreign power or another to seek their agreement/support beforehand, then blames them if they fail.

“Three years into this administration he still hasn’t solved the Northern Ireland problem because HMG insists on doing it in agreement with the EU. He still hasn’t taken control of our borders because HMG is either looking for the French to do our job for us or for the ECHR not to stand in the way of its mad Rwandan plan.

Mr. Habib added: “Remember that the Rwandan plan is a plan of expulsion, not border control. It’s a failed border check that requires a deportation plan. If HMG would just physically monitor our borders properly, the problem would go away. The ECHR is a red herring.

“Our government must learn the value of acting UNILATELY in the interests of the UK. It was not elected to spend endless hours negotiating with foreign powers overwhelmingly hostile to our aims. It already has the authorities and power needed at the national level to pave the way in the UK.



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