Brits in Portugal stuck in ‘post-Brexit limbo’


Britons living in Portugal are in ‘post-Brexit limbo’ as the country has yet to issue them residence cards, according to Guardian reports.

Some 34,500 British nationals living in the country cannot access healthcare, change jobs or travel in and out of the country because the Withdrawal Agreement has not been fully implemented .

People have been detained at airports, paying to get treatment for broken bones or risk losing their jobs due to delays.

Instead, they were given a temporary document and a QR code which Brits say is not recognized locally or at international borders.

James Campbell, a computer programmer, said: “I feel more like an illegal immigrant right now.”

He listed 25 things that had happened to him due to the lack of documentation, including a £4,000 private hospital bill for a broken limb because he could not access public healthcare.

A British-South African couple living just outside Lisbon have told how they were detained at Frankfurt airport without correct post-Brexit residency papers, and are now charged with criminal breach of the citizenship laws immigration as well as a bill of nearly €4,000 (£3,375). for new flights to return to Portugal.

The British government said it had raised the issue at ministerial level and through its embassy in Portugal on several occasions, the Guardian reports.

He also raised it officially in June during the specialized UK-EU Committee on Citizens’ Rights, the body responsible for monitoring the implementation of the agreement.

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