Ethics, decision on EU citizenship, reaction to Brexit study


We look at some Brexit-related issues that could affect you and your life in France.

ARC letters on your ethics

Readers have asked why some UK ethics, used for health care when traveling in the EU, have the letters ‘CRA’.

This concerns UK Ehics (European Health Insurance Cards) issued since the end of the Brexit transition period.

Other UK cards issued since then are known as Ghics, for ‘Global Health Insurance Card’.

The ‘CRA Ehics’ show that the bearer benefits from the Citizens’ Rights Agreement section of the Withdrawal Agreement.

They are issued to UK health form S1 holders – such as UK state pensioners living in France since before 2021 – and to EU citizens in the UK.

They offer the same coverage as a Ghic but can also be used in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as well as the EU and Switzerland.

Decision on EU citizenship of 9 June

Campaigners seeking a ruling from the European Court of Justice on whether Britons, particularly EU residents since before Brexit, can be considered to have retained EU citizenship as an inalienable right, are waiting a decision on June 9.

The EU Britizens group hopes the plenary will take a more positive view than its advocate general, who earlier this year said he considered them to have lost their citizenship.

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A letter from the group’s president, Alice Bouilliez, asking for the support of the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, has meanwhile been registered as an official petition in Parliament under number 0385/2022.

Ms Bouilliez said it had been a welcome surprise as she had sent him off as a ‘bottle over the ocean’ after being disappointed by the Advocate General’s negative views and had not asked for him to become a official petition.

Readers’ Comments on the Brexit Inquiry

Readers of Connection shared mixed opinions after details of a study on the effects of Brexit on Britons living in the EU were published online. For the full study, click here.

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The report, part of a project led by the universities of Lancaster and Birmingham, found that Brexit had affected feelings towards the UK for most Britons in the EU with some expressing discomfort.

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