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The EU has been ordered to ‘leave the territory of Ireland’ after it emerged the bloc had threatened the country over agriculture. Brussels, Britain and Dublin are still locked in negotiations over the Brexit deal, which provides for the control of goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. However, the block has now threatened Dublin for the peat cut.

Brendan O’Neill, political editor for Spiked, said the EU “must leave the territory of Ireland” amid anger over the protocol.

He noted that the European Commission had informed Ireland that it would face the European Court of Justice if it did not stop peat cutting in special conservation areas.

A statement issued by the Department for Housing, Local Government and Heritage said at the time: “Ireland strongly submits that the advice does not take full account of the significance of the investment and resources invested by the State. in the conservation and management of Ireland protected peatlands”.

Mr O’Neill pointed out that the warning was issued two days before Dublin’s 3Arena was to host a United Ireland event.

Writing for Spiked, Mr O’Neill said the EU’s warning, or ‘dictat’ on peat cutting was an example of a ‘serious affront to the principle of Irish sovereignty’.

He said, “Let’s be clear: a nation that cannot control its own soil is not a free nation.

The reporter then added: ‘From EU challenges to aspects of Ireland’s tax system to sending the ‘troika’ of powers in 2010 to rebuke the Irish government for its economic mistakes, almost every element of the take political decision-making in Ireland are now shaped by interference from the EU.

“Ireland’s soil, its right to tax, its economic governance, its borders – all of this is arrogantly interfered with by commissioners that no one in Ireland voted for.

“We are a far cry from (James) Connolly’s vision of a free nation like one that has ‘full control’ of its territory and pursues whatever it believes to be in the interests of ‘its own people. .entirely free from interference .of any other nation”.

“Do those attending last Saturday’s United Ireland conference recognize that today Connolly’s vision is being shattered, not by dastardly Britain, but by the EU which many of them support ?”

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Meanwhile, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said on Friday talks with Britain had recently improved.

The Minister added that he believed there was a genuine effort to resolve the issues that emerged after Brexit.

He told reporters: “I think the conversations we’re having now with the UK Government certainly suggest to me that we’re in a different space now, which we haven’t been in for some time, where there’s a real effort…on how we can solve these problems together.


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