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Mark Dolan argued that Ms Truss presented a clear vision during her speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham this week which would have boosted investment in the UK. However, the former Channel 4 presenter fumed that the Prime Minister’s political agenda was being undermined by former Education Secretary Michael Gove, whom he called a ‘snake in the grass’.

He said: “What’s the biggest threat to Liz Truss’ premiership? Keir Starmer? Vladimir Putin? International bond markets? Sneaky Nicola Sturgeon? None of the above. It’s his own party.

“After a magnificent speech, at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday, in which this wonderfully rude, far-sighted and genuine politician – who gets things done, like most women – set out her vision for Britain.

“A prime minister with a vision? Praise the Lord.

“But all we hear about, after yesterday’s triumph, are Tory backbenchers, many of whom left the cabinet after Johnson left, plotting his impeachment.

“Reducing the top tax rate to 45p was a brilliant policy, which could have cost nothing or even made more money, as more and more people moved up the pay bracket, without fear of to be crushed by HMRC.

“It would have attracted frequent travelers from all over the world to the UK.

“But it was not the opposition, political think tanks, economic pundits or currency traders who contributed to the 45p tax cut. It was the Tory MPs.

“I’m talking about people like that snake in the grass Michael Gove, Parliament’s answer to John Travolta, the dance floor hogging former upgrade secretary, who goes on TV Sunday morning to say that the cuts to ‘taxes weren’t conservative.’

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Mr Dolan went on to say Tory MPs would ‘undoubtedly’ thwart fracking sites in their own constituencies and prevent Britain from becoming energy independent.

The former Celebrity Come Dine with Me winner said a Labor government would be inevitable if the Tory MP refused to back his “impressive” leader.

However, he predicted Ms Truss could go from ‘zero to hero’ if she ‘restrains her temper’ over the policies she outlined in Birmingham.

An enraged Mr Dolan called Tory MPs ‘cowards, spineless’, likening them to the ‘wet’ who opposed Margaret Thatcher’s policies in the early 1980s.

He said Rishi Sunak supporters must “bury the hatchet” or play a role in Sir Keir’s appointment as prime minister.

Mr Dolan also claimed replacing Ms Truss with Mr Sunak was ‘madness’ and would be ‘voting turkeys for Christmas’ when the public would never forgive the Tories for ‘chaos’.


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