Goodbye Boris, a flawed giant who was more right than wrong as Prime Minister


PM Boris, the imperfect giant

THE votes are cast, the leadership race is over, the era of Boris Johnson is in its final hours. What did The Sun do with him as Prime Minister?

Our verdict will not find favor with Remainers whose minds have always been closed to the man without whom Brexit would never have happened.


Boris Johnson is more right as Prime Minister than he was wrongCredit: Copyright 2019 Associated Press. All rights reserved

Nor with those reporters who don’t care if the PMs pull off a single thing as long as they dress smart, look grown-up, and are as uncontroversial and boring as the hacks themselves- same.

But we think it’s indisputable: Boris is by far our most important leader since Maggie Thatcher and has achieved monumental feats despite the personal flaws that brought him down.

Two of the greatest came when he was elected. His landslide victory in 2019 ended the hideous threat of Corbyn’s racist, Marxist and Putin fans – encouraged by Keir Starmer – taking control of the world’s fifth-largest economy.

And it ensured that Brexit WOULD be enacted. This democracy would prevail despite the incredibly dangerous campaign of the remaining MPs to thwart it.


Britain left the EU because of Boris. The leavers will never forget.

Leftovers will never forgive. But in the years to come, as we thrive on our independence, its key role will deserve even more praise.

His stated mission as Prime Minister, to “level up” and spread the wealth much more evenly outside of the wealthier South East, was a noble one that was derailed almost instantly by Covid.

He followed scientific advice on lockdowns, in retrospect too slavishly, but when we led the world to develop and deploy jabs, it didn’t happen by accident.

Boris made these decisions, saving countless lives and freeing our economy before almost anywhere else.

When Putin invaded Ukraine, Boris again led the way – recognizing faster than anyone that Russia’s imperialist threat to a sovereign nation and the rest of the world must be fought, with British arms and help if needed . No wonder he is a hero for Ukrainians.

Boris led the rest of Europe to defend Ukraine


Boris led the rest of Europe to defend Ukraine1 credit

The disadvantages are many. Boris squandered his majority, had no real desire for the low-tax, low-regulation economy he heralded, and was negligent and complacent about his apparent unassailability and Labour’s weakness.

When it came to a scandal, involving his friends or him personally, he thought he could get away with anything and tried to do so.

This mishandling proved fatal.

But let’s never forget how much of that was exaggerated and amplified by the 24/7 firestorm directed against him by a truly unhinged Remainer broadcast media – and social media too.

Watch these supposedly impartial networks pivot to a new conservative hate figure on Monday.

The Sun, however, wishes Boris good luck. He was more right than wrong.

The scandals will be largely forgotten for years to come. Achievements will not.


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