Home prices will reverse as mortgage rates double


In the first place, we have seen signs that Vladimir Putin is going to keep his promise to shut down the water delivery system.( https://www.marifilmines.com/greendayonline/ )

Because Poland and Bulgaria didn’t pay Gazprom for natural gas, the gas company says it has stopped giving them gas. After they didn’t get the money, the company said that the supply would be cut off.

People in Europe are afraid that Putin’s move will lead to the continent’s gas supply being cut off. Gas prices have risen by as much as 24% because of this.

During Vladimir Putin’s speech at the United Nations, he said that “unfriendly” countries should pay for gas in rubles. The European Union said that this would break international sanctions.

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In the morning, here are five things to do:

First, the government is being asked to do something about the 4.9 billion in Covid loan fraud that has been found at the border. Ministers aren’t acting quickly enough because of the Bounce Back plan, which would cause “stunning” losses for taxpayers.

There are going to be a lot more electric cars, and they’re going to have a lot more range. This is what the EPA says. How amazing that a battery-powered car can go 260 miles on one charge, which is the standard for cars.

Rishi Sunak played a big part in the biggest tax heist in history. This is a detailed account. As inflation pushes more money into the Treasury’s coffers, the Chancellor, George Osborne, is under more pressure to help people who need it.

People who are politically liberal haven’t been on Twitter since Elon Musk bought it. People like Sadiq Khan and Amnesty International are worried that the billionaire’s zeal for free speech could make Twitter a “poison” because of his commitment to free speech.

Staff at the social media company aren’t happy that Elon Musk has plans for the social media company. It makes the employees nervous when a billionaire talks about free speech in the face of claims of anti-Conservative discrimination.

When the weekend came to an end, what happened?

After the U.S. stock market went down earlier in the day, Asia’s stock markets went down even more on Wednesday. Early trading in Hong Kong and Shanghai saw a small rise after reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed to spend more money on infrastructure. It didn’t work out that way. Early trading in Tokyo and Sydney went down, as did early trading in Seoul and Singapore, as well as Taipei, Manila, and Jakarta.

Take place today.
Go-Ahead Group, WH Smith, and GlaxoSmithKline are some of the businesses that do business in the United Kingdom. Other businesses that do business in the United Kingdom include Aveva Group and Fresnillo. This is an advertisement that has been changed.
A report from GfK Consumer Trust (All) says that the economy is waiting for home sales to pick up again (WE)


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