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The Duchess of Sussex, along with her husband Prince Harry, stepped back as working members of the Royal Family in early 2020 when moving from the UK to her US state of California. Since then, Meghan Markle has made a series of interventions in American politics, lobbying the country’s politicians for changes to parental leave and climate policy. In late June, the former actress was interviewed by feminist trailblazer Gloria Steinem for Vogue, where she shared her reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Speculation has been building that the Duchess may be aiming even higher and may one day consider launching a campaign to enter the race to become President of the United States.

Earlier this year, Valerie Biden Owens, the sister of current US President Joe Biden, said he would “welcome her [Meghan] come in and join the Democratic Party,” adding “yes, maybe, of course, she will make” a good presidential candidate.

Last month, an insider believed to be close to the 41-year-old said Meghan was ‘convinced she would be a huge success in politics and takes it incredibly seriously, adding: ‘She is convinced there is a Huge opportunity here and looking to run in the 2028 election.”

But Washington-based foreign policy expert Nile Gardiner, who was an aide to late British Prime Minister Lady Margaret Thatcher, launched a furious attack on any attempt by Meghan to run for US president.

He told “Meghan Markle is clearly quite delusional if she thinks she could be President of the United States.

“Having his name mentioned in these conversations is a demonstration of the desperation of the American left at this time.

“Meghan Markle would be a spectacular failure as a presidential candidate and would not be a serious candidate.

“But the left in the United States is in such a state of decline that all options are on the table with the presidential candidates, and Meghan Markle’s name is being floated as a possibility.

“She would have no chance of becoming President of the United States because she has no qualifications for the position.”

Mr Gardiner said that if Meghan ever decided to throw her hat into the ring for the US presidency, Americans would simply view her as a ‘joking candidate’ due to her huge lack of qualifications for the top job. .

He continued: “If she (Meghan) ever decided to run for US President, the American public would view her as a joke candidate.

“There would probably be a section on the far left that would support her views, but the vast amount of Americans would view her as largely unqualified for a presidential race.

“The Democrats who bear his name right now are showing tremendous desperation on their part.”

Earlier this month, Meghan received a huge boost after winning the backing of Democratic supporters to run for US president in a Democracy Institute/ tracking poll.

Mr Biden’s approval rating as US president has remained extremely low in recent weeks, and it is widely speculated that his Democrats will opt for a female candidate to run next time around, with the poll showing Michelle Obama far ahead with 41%.

Meghan has yet to officially enter US politics, but she was still second at 19% and was well ahead of more established rivals – ten points ahead of current Vice President Kamala Harris.

Patrick Basham, director of the Democracy Institute, told “Megan Markle is a candidate that Democratic voters can project their hopes and preferences onto. Yes, he is a well-known figure. but she is not a well-known political figure.

“While those with a sense of politics know that she is of a woke, progressive, left-liberal temperament, we don’t know what she thinks in detail on a wide range of issues. It doesn’t matter to most people.”

He continued, “Among Democrats, she is young, feminine, attractive, bi-racial. She has a certain pizzazz because of her celebrity status and all that.

“She benefits from this new face and also from the comparison with her potential competitors.

“With the exception of Michelle Obama, the other women we surveyed as potential suitors, they’re all pretty well known and their downsides are well known.

“There’s nothing to make them stand out the way Markle does.”


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