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Claire, an NHS worker from Westminster, claimed there was a shortage of NHS workers due to Brexit, as many foreign workers could no longer freely enter the UK for work.

Caller Claire claimed that if the UK needed doctors and nurses we should never have left the EU and then discussed the cost of training new doctors and nurses and how long it takes takes with Matthew Wright.

There has been backlash over the government’s broken promise to provide £350m-a-week to NHS workers.

Claire told LBC: “If we wanted our health service, our national health service to be properly resourced, we shouldn’t have left the EU.

“Where we used to go… And as a hospital worker, I know we used to have a free flow of staff from the EU to us.

“If we want dentists, if we want nurses, if we want doctors, we should never have left the EU.”

Mr Wright said: “Well, don’t forget, so to play it fair with the Brexiteers, they argued throughout the two until… that would take time.

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“That they were going to train new doctors and as I said in my initial introduction, Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson said 6,000.

“We’ve lost another thousand, so that didn’t happen and before Sajid Javid, Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, promised 5,000 by 2022, and that didn’t happen.”

Claire from Westminster added: “We can train our young doctors but it takes five years plus two years to specialise.”

Mr. Wright said, “And money, money!”

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Many agree with Claire, the NHS caller, from Westminster, and have also criticized the UK government for what they claim are Brexit failures.

Lord Alan Sugar wrote on Twitter: “The biggest liars in 2016 were Boris and Gove with the red bus. They should both go to jail.

“As the president of a public company, if I misled or lied to my shareholders (in this case, the public), I would be sent to prison.”

Lord Sugar then tweeted an image which read: “Brexit didn’t work out. There are no opportunities. It was all based on lies. The sooner we admit this the better.”



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