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Nigel Farage predicts an ‘elimination’ of the Tories in the next general election due to soaring energy bills. While he says Kwasi Kwarteng’s p45 U-turn has achieved party approval ratings, he says soaring energy prices will significantly influence the outcome of the upcoming election. He added that the Conservative party could suffer the same fate as in 1997.

“I have to say the Tories have dragged us into this most heinous mess.

“Boris Johnson left the country in a very bad economic mess.

“Energy is at the heart of it all.”

In a major intervention, Prime Minister Liz Truss froze energy prices for two years, with the average annual bill for a typical household being around £2,500. Ofgem’s energy cap has doubled since last year and could have tripled without government support.

Nigel Farage continued: “Yet when the Chancellor tried to cut the top tax rate from 45 to 40, there was international outrage because the globalists don’t want a tax cut at all.

“And there’s a run on the pound, which by the way has been predicted many times on this show – problems in the gilt market.

“And it wasn’t because of a small tax cut, which in financial terms was eclipsed by energy bailouts and Covid bailouts.”

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