Pubs charge £8 for a pint for the first time, sparking fears Britons will stay home


Brits now have to shell out almost £50 for a round of just six pints at their local London bar amid rising post-Brexit costs and supply chain issues

Ad companies have warned that the price could rise further

Pubs have started charging £8 a pint for the first time in parts of the UK.

Venturing into a London boozer over the Jubilee long weekend could cost punters £40 for a round of just five beers.

Some fear pub-goers are starting to choose to drink at home amid post-Brexit inflation and soaring costs.

So far this year the average price of a pint has fallen from £2.30 in 2008 to £3.95 according to new CGA figures.

The hospitality industry tracker tracks rates by regularly checking over 5,500 of the 90,000 random bars and pubs in the UK.

The figures show a 70% increase since the financial crash of 2008, topping £8 for the first time in history.

Bettors might start to think twice before ordering a spin


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The most expensive pint was found in London with an astonishing price of £8.06, according to the FinancialTimes.

While the cheapest beer on average was tapped in a Lancashire pub for a bargain £1.79 by comparison.

Advertising companies have raised concerns that prices could rise even further due to supply problems related to the war in Ukraine.

The country is a global supplier of barley, a key ingredient in beer, and wheat, which means the cost of grain has skyrocketed.

Ad companies fear prices have yet to peak


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Pints ​​would cost 60p less if the price had risen in line with average consumer prices from 2008 to 2022.

Brexit is another factor, with trade barriers driving up prices by 6% in less than two years, according to figures from Britain’s Changing Europe think tank.

This has had major consequences given that most of the UK’s imports come from the European Union.

For now, pints should continue to flow over the Platinum Jubilee weekend


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Meanwhile, the pound recently fell to its lowest level against the US dollar since the start of the pandemic, adding to inflation.

The 9% rise in inflation, to its highest level in decades, was also driven by food and energy costs.

During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, the British Beer and Pub Association estimates that some 90million pints will be sold.

But concerns have been raised about falling sales.

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