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Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Today presenter Nick Robinson, Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner said Liz Truss would not come out as ‘the change’ for the country as she explained the cost of the life and the energy measures it plans to put in place. to support the country are “what Labor has been calling for for many months”. Mr Robinson took issue with the claims, saying that “the fact that [she is] do” aligned with her previous suggestions that Ms Truss could present herself as a change from the previous Conservative government by adopting different policies. Ms Rayner closed the comments and concluded that, despite the prospect of measures previously advocated by the Labor Party being introduced, there are ‘significant differences between us and the Tories’.

Mr Robinson said to Ms Rayner: ‘Aren’t you making my point in other words, she’ll come across as the change?

“She will say I am scrapping this tax hike, the government has introduced a windfall tax which Labor were in favor of and are now considering the introduction of an energy price freeze.

“She will say ‘You don’t need to change parties, you changed governments with'”.

The BBC host’s observation came as Ms Rayner previously said: ‘Liz Truss was part of the cabinet that got us into this mess in the first place, so I wouldn’t say that has changed.

“What she is going to do about the energy price freeze is what Labor has been calling for for many months.

“The government has done nothing for people who are worried about their businesses and who are concerned about the National Insurance Contribution situation.

“Labour said it was not okay to raise that tax at the time, now it looks like Liz Truss is going to do it, so maybe she’s more Labor than she thinks .”

In light of Mr Robinson’s remarks, Ms Rayner concluded: ‘Well, no, because on the other hand these tax cuts that she is introducing are taking money out of the system and there is no no answer as to how she is going to put that money back into the system like our utilities.

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