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Since the beginning of April, UK authorities have been able to send the council tax refund due to eligible Britons. The money is part of a £9billion relief package announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak earlier this year. Ministers hope the payment will provide aid to help residents tackle the cost of living crisis.

Which tips did not pay the rebate?

Since April 1, the municipalities can pay the reimbursement of the housing tax and have until September 30 as a deadline.

But nearly two months later, millions of Britons have still not received payment.

Some have been warned that it could take several months for any transactions to be completed while councils wait for the new payment software update to allow funds to be processed.

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For example, Chelmsford City Council said the council’s taxation system was designed “to collect money rather than pay it”, new software had to be installed. As a result, this has caused delays for some residents

Swale Borough Council even mistakenly charged some residents £150 instead of paying them the amount due.

Warnings had also been issued before the rollout began that people who do not pay council tax by direct debit could face delays.

A number of councils have promised to make payments directly to people’s bank accounts by the end of May.

Who is entitled to the discount?

Households that fall into council tax categories A to D (about 80% of properties) are entitled to a one-time payment from the government.

Council tax is devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but similar schemes are in place.

Those who already receive Council Tax assistance through their local authority should qualify for the rebate.

Anyone on low income and claiming benefits is entitled to tax support, including a pension credit.

Retirees on pension credit will also benefit from the discount in addition to their usual discount.

Those who qualify for the £150 discount will receive payment automatically, so you don’t have to apply.

If your house is in bands E, F, G and H (or I too, in Wales), you will not be eligible for automatic payment.


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