Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt can’t afford to be too tough on tax cuts and hikes


There is an ironic saying among doctors: “The operation was successful – but the patient died.”

Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt must be very careful that their crucial budget this week does not achieve the same result.


Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt must be very careful that their budget does not lead to more economic chaosCredit: AFP

It’s clear that Britain’s wheezing economy needs a heavy dose of medicine.

But the Prime Minister and Chancellor can’t afford to get too tough on tax cuts and hikes or risk scaring investment away from this country for good.

Without the initiatives of British and foreign companies, we will end up paying down debt forever without ever creating enough growth to get rid of it.

Mr. Hunt paints a very bleak picture on this page today.

After the fantastic policy of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng his honesty is welcome.

But just because Mrs. Truss Failedthis does not mean that aiming for long-term growth is a mistake.

This week’s budget will be a very delicate balance.

Yes, there must be surgery to reduce inflation.

But the country must be alive and kicking in the end.

By all means stem the wounds, Chancellor.

But please don’t leave the UK economy dead on arrival.

Angela pulls herself together

NO ONE could accuse Angela Rayner of being a shrinking violet.

least of all Deputy Head of Labor se.

Angela Rayner, from Labour, said she did not have a


Labour’s Angela Rayner said she didn’t have a ‘particularly strong opinion’ on Brexit1 credit

You might remember her apologizing after hitting on “the conservative scum”.

Or hearing him brag, “I’m incredibly proud to be here as a redheaded northerner who promises to always be outspoken.

Ms Rayner also revealed how “people like Barbara Castle have inspired me to say what you mean and mean what you say”.

So what does this left-wing firebrand with an opinion on everything think about the most controversial issue in British politics?

In an interview over the weekend, she said of Brexit: “I didn’t have a particularly strong opinion anyway.”

This meaningless comment brings back memories of Labour’s crooked fence – sitting in the dark days of by Jeremy Corbyn disastrous direction.

The party weasel contortions were exactly the reason Red Wall voters deserted Labor in droves.

With the likes of Mrs. Rayner at her side, don’t expect things to be any different under Keir Starmer.


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