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A shock poll found a majority of Conservative voters ditched their traditional support for low taxes and backed Rishi Sunak’s plans to raise taxes to help fill the fiscal black hole left by the pandemic and war. in Ukraine. But the exclusive Techne UK poll for found Britain is deeply divided and equally divided on the two key issues of economic policy and immigration control.

According to the poll of 1,624 voters on Nov. 2-3, 41% did not think Mr. Sunak’s proposed tax hikes were justified, but 40% supported them.

Meanwhile, Ms Braverman has been accused of using inflammatory language when she described the 38,000 illegal immigrants crossing the Channel as ‘an invasion’ during a statement in the Commons this week.

While 44% of respondents supported her, 40% disagreed with her description of the crisis.

The results underscore deep divisions within the UK that appear to have been in place since the 2016 EU referendum led to Brexit.

A shocking result however was that Conservative voters in 2019 were 43% to 40% more likely to support tax hikes.

This was reflected in the fact that higher income categories of voters are more likely to support tax hikes of 56 per cent to 30 per cent after a disastrous period for Mr Sunak’s predecessor, Liz Truss , whose prime minister lasted just 48 days after trying to cut taxes in his mini budget.

Support for tax hikes fell to 32% in the lowest income brackets where people’s budgets are less flexible.

There was also little support for the tax hikes among young voters with just 32% of 18-34 year olds supporting them compared to 42% opposing them.

Pensioners, however, support tax increases from 45% to 39%.

For once, Remainers and Leavers in 2016 are evenly split on the issue with 44% of pro-EU voters backing the hikes and 42% of pro-Brexit voters.

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There is a much wider divide on the migrant crisis.

Suella Braverman’s harsh language was supported by 2016 Leave voters 53% to 29%, while he was opposed by Remainers 50% to 37%.

However, in a surprising result, almost four in 10 supporters of left-wing pro-open border parties backed Ms Braverman – Labor 38%, Lib Dems 42% and Greens 38%.

Ms Braverman appeared to be close to the hearts of Tory voters with two-thirds (65%) backing her comments.

People with low incomes also supported it at 48% against 38% while the wealthy categories opposed it at 52% against 35%.


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